Body, Mind & Soil – Filter of Eden

  • Protects soil biology
  • 100% Recyclable Filter Media
  • Filters 25,000 gallons of tap water
  • Helps to maintain soil & plant health
  • Has a replaceable & recyclable filter media
  • Reduces Chlorine & Chloramines by up the 98%!
  • Perfect for use with BT, compost tea, and other microorganism based products
  • Removes up to 98% of water-soluble metals like lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.
  • (Not recommended for fish ponds)



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The Body, Mind & Soil Filter of Eden is the BEST Garden Hose Filter on the Market!


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100% recyclable! 1 year Warranty! Handmade with Love in the USA!

We all know not to drink tap water, but have you ever thought about what tap water might be doing to our soil? With chemical additives such as chlorine, ammonia, and fluoride, tap water can kill most of the good bacteria in the soil, causing plant health to suffer.

Why are chlorine and chloramines bad for plants?

Chlorine decreases the absorption of nutrients, as well as changes the natural pH of the soil. BMS filtered water is better for plants because it’s free of chlorine and chloramines that are harmful to the biology of the soil and to living cells of plants.

The Filter of Eden also removes heavy metals and many pollutants that could be harmful to the soil, thus your plants, vegetables. . . and YOU!

The Filter of Eden Warranty: