Garden Rescue

Does Your Garden Need to be Rescued?


Are you frustrated with your veggie garden?

Maybe you’re having problems with it, or you let it go and don’t know how to bring it back to life.  Perhaps it was installed a few seasons or years ago, and now hardly anything seems to grow.

If you are tired and frustrated and don’t know what to do, call the Soil Stud!

We specialize in Garden Rescues using only organic soil & amendments to stimulate the Life of the soil without ever using toxic chemicals.

  • Get your garden back on track
  • Plant the vegetables you want to eat
  • Get help and instruction from a Expert Organic Gardener on how to care for and maintain your garden

We’ve successfully rescued other gardens and can get you back on track to being a “Yard Farmer” – The Natural Way.

Call today for a complimentary consultation: 760-707-6200

Shawn Studer

The Soil Stud