With all the increased attention to organic foods in the media and supermarkets, you might be wondering what all the hype is about.  It turns out that going green and eating organic products is beneficial in a variety of ways.  If you have been considering going green, consider the positive ways you can make a difference by doing so.

Say No To GMO’s

It’s no secret that GMO’s are not good for our bodies or the earth, yet they continue to exist in many foods that we eat and buy in the stores.  By going green and eating only organic products, you are insuring the health and safety of yourself and your family members, while also doing our part to protect the environment.

Earth Friendly

Of course, the most common benefit of going green is that it is environmentally friendly.  Because farmers who grow organic crops do not use chemicals or other pesticides to fertilize their crops, they are doing their part to keep the pure quality of the soil that they plant their crops on.  This can in turn lead to improved water quality and a better life for both human beings and animals alike.  Keeping the soil pure helps to insure that the farmers can depend on the integrity of the soil to continue planting their crops annually.

More nutritious

Another reason to go green and eat organic is that organically grown foods are far more nutritious than non-organic.  Organic foods are rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are lacking in non-organic foods.

Supporting locals

Going organic can most importantly mean that you are supporting your local farmers within your community.  When you buy organic, you are insuring the continued success of your neighbors’ and community members that are working hard to do their part in the organic farming world.