Having a garden in your yard means you have a place to enjoy and relax. Gardening is a stress relieving activity where you can relax and simply become one with nature. Whether you have a garden that features vegetables and fruits or plant life, you enjoy your time spent outside playing in the dirt. Maintaining your garden is a chore but something you enjoy. Did you know there are new methods that can be used to be of benefit to your garden? Read on below to see how you can use unique techniques to beautify your yard.

Rain Water

We all know how beneficial the rain is to a garden. But did you know that you can catch rainwater and use it year round, or at least for a good portion of your watering needs? Products are available on the market today where you can catch rainwater and use an irrigation system to water your plants. Or simply install a rain barrel and use it when you need to water your beautiful flowers or vegetables. This fresh water has no contaminants so it is a good choice when trying to provide your garden with quality water for plant growth.

Filtering System

Hose filters are a great solution as well if you use the water from the pipes to provide nourishment to your garden. Such options as the Filter of Eden provided by Body Mind and Soil can reduce the amount of chlorine and chloramines that are located in tap water by as much as 98%. The unit can filter as much as 20,000 gallons of water being the filter media will need to be changed which ensures that your plants are benefiting from the unit for a long time.

Overall, it is fun to learn new ways of caring for your garden. Try a hose filtering system or using rainwater to help your garden grow!