Raised vegetable beds

Grow Your Own Vegetables the Easy Way!   Have you thought about starting a vegetable garden but don’t know how to get started? We can help you with that!  It’s not as difficult as you may think, but it can be intimidating at first. An organic vegetable garden is a wonderful way to feed yourself and your family delicious, safe and healthy fruits and vegetables.  Plus, you won’t be able to buy anything fresher, healthier, or more nutrient dense than what you can grow yourself using The Soil Stud’s Organic techniques. We set up your beds and then teach you all the important “how-tos” for organically cultivating beautiful veggies and fruit in your back (or front) yard. Discover the therapeutic value of growing a vegetable garden – The Natural Way! Your friends will be impressed, too. Our typical custom installation includes:

  • Planning and installing custom-sized redwood raised bed(s) to fit your area and your budget
  • Filling your beds with Stud Soil approved organic soil and amendments
  • Gopher- and critter-proofing the beds
  • Planting your first crop
  • Installing water efficient irrigation
  • Teaching you how to plant and maintain your garden

Our Starter package typically includes one 4’W x 8’L x 24”H redwood bed with sitting rails. Call today for a complimentary consultation: Shawn Studer The Soil Stud 760-707-6200