It may seem like a plot from Hollywood, but plants do actually have an underground communications system that can travel over hundreds of miles. The key to this netherworld network is in the fungus among us. Yup, it’s the mycelium that exists a few inches beneath the soil that transmits information over great distances. How? There are subtle but very real ways. A change of pH. The hint of a chemical by-product of metabolism. An alteration of fluid uptake. It’s really not that different from the way thoughts are propagated in the brain.


Living plants have basic needs and operate with a driven purpose. Creating a root system is important to survive and plants do so with a property known as geotropism. Sunlight is the other great driving force so seeking that light is known as phototropism. Thus, there are two great forces growing in opposite directions that influence all living plants, be they vegetables or flowers. When plants are attacked by insects, they tend to produce chemicals to defend themselves.


Natural plant insecticides. The presence of such chemical production is detected by the mycelium fibers in the soil and such fluctuations are transmitted to nearby plants which can then prepare themselves for an attack. We know that water is critical for plants to thrive. If you are watering your garden with water that has been treated, you may be harming them with unwanted chemicals. Nobody understands the chemistry of soil and watering better than the good folks at Body, Mind & Soil! You can rely on them to help you make your garden the best it can be with their special line of products that condition the water your plants need to thrive. Yes, those plants are smarter than you may have thought!