Great, thanks so much. WOW a company today which still believes in customer care…thank you!!Nancy L.
I have used this filter for two years now. It works excellent. My organic garden is flourishing. There is no way I would have the kind of organic garden that I have or the variety and the size of vegetables I am having if there was any chlorine or chloramine in the water. My garden is growing on bacteria from compost tea. The filter is extremely easy to install. It is zero maintenance. Replacing the media is a snap. The media is environmental friendly. Above all it is made in the USA. It can not get any better than this.M. A., CA
I have been so pleased with the BMS chlorine filter. It has made such an improvement in my vegetable garden, flowers, rose bed, and some newly planted trees. I recently went to a presentation on “Raised beds for vegetable Gardening.” I learned that chlorine does a great deal of damage to indigenous microbes in the soil which promote a healthy environment for growth. I ended up buying three BMS filters to reduce the chlorine in the water I was using. The difference has been wonderful. The foliage is greener, fuller, and the plants are far more productive. It is a great filter. I suggest to anyone who takes pride in their plants to buy at least one filter; we can really see the difference.Carolyn J., Austin, TX
We have heavily chlorinated water that stinks like a swimming pool. My plants are doing wonderfully and the water has no smell at all. I’d highly recommend it!Ilene S.
My tomatoes, butterfly bushes, and shrubs turned yellow from the inside of the leaf out… I discovered my city was flushing with chlorine and chloramine. I started using this filter 3 weeks ago the leaves regained color and have plants have started growing again. It works wonders for my compost teas as well! The flow rate makes it easy to water large gardens.James B.
If you are looking for a filter that will eliminate 100% of chlorine and other harmful chemicals in tap water this is the filter for YOU! The filter is built to withstand dropping and other mishaps while gardening. We have seen a huge improvement in our plants, garden, and cuttings. NO MORE BROWNING of the leaves and dying of new cuttings. We used it daily for hours and it lasted 3 months. We are very happy with the quality of this product and will introduce it to our gardening friends and clubs!N. McCallister
This product works as designed. I feel much better knowing the filtered water is not impacting my living organic soil, which was a concern of mine last year, but not this year! I am so glad it was made in the great USA, and not imported. Also, it is of great quality, built to last. I have it connected to my micro irrigation system with automatic timer.DD
I ordered the garden hose filter soon after we spoke and have been very pleased with it. My 5 year old son accidentally dropped it out of the box, but fortunately it’s built like a tank and hardly put a scratch on it. Well done on the construction!Ryan G., NJ