How to make Compost Tea for your Garden

Compost Tea is a liquid extract of compost that contains beneficial microorganisms & fungi as well as compounds that help promote plant and soil health. Compost Tea is made by steeping finished compost in water (de-chlorinated water) in order to extract beneficial microorganisms and compounds into the solution. This solution can then be used as a soil drench and foliar feeder. For recipes and to learn more about Compost Tea, see here…

The Filter of Eden Garden Hose Filter

Are you watering your garden with chlorinated tap water?

Are you aware of the harmful effects chlorine is having on your soil and plant health? See more here…

I started using this filter 3 weeks ago, the leaves regained color and the plants have started growing again. It works wonders for my compost teas as well…! James B.

Organic Vegetable Garden Soil Amendments

Here are some of the amendments I use in our Garden Rescue Projects.

Learn more about Organic Gardening in this Interview


Filter of Eden “One Solution” Operating Instructions


Filter of Eden Refill Kit Instructions