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We at Body, Mind & Soil are passionate about teaching our communities how to  grow their own food, maintain their landscapes, and enjoy living a healthy life…the Natural Way! Without the use of toxic chemicals & pesticides!

Join us in helping to teach and spread the word  to others how to get off the “insane chemical train” and get back on the path of a healthy, non-toxic way of life – the way Mother Nature intended!

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 Protect the Health of your Plants & Soil from the harmful effects of Chlorine!

Filter of Eden Garden Hose Filter




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Are you watering your garden with tap water?

Do you know about the harmful effects chlorine & chloramines have on the health of your soil and plants?

The Body, Mind & Soil Filter of Eden is the BEST Garden Hose Filter on the Market!

  • Built to last!
  • Protects soil biology
  • 100% Recyclable Filter Media
  • Filters 25,000 gallons of tap water
  • Helps to maintain soil & plant health
  • Has a replaceable & recyclable filter media
  • Reduces Chlorine & Chloramines by up the 98%!
  • Perfect for use with BT, compost tea, and other microorganism based products
  • Removes up to 98% of water-soluble metals like lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

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” I have used this filter for two years now. It works excellent. My organic garden is flourishing…” M.A. CA

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The Filter of Eden

“My tomatoes, butterfly bushes, and shrubs turned yellow from the inside of the leaf out… I discovered my city was flushing with chlorine and chloramine. I started using this filter 3 weeks ago the leaves regained color and have plants have started growing again. It works wonders for my compost teas as well! … James B.