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“Cinderite has superior lava products that have moisture holding capacity, exchange capacity and much higher paramagnetism than any other product on the market. This important property has direct influence on mineral availability to plants resulting from increased biological activity – the most important part of soil improvement for successful landscaping, gardening, farming and ranching.”
Howard Garrett, a.k.a. "The Dirt Doctor

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Premium Volcanic Organic Soil Amendment

Cinderite is an All Natural Volcanic Organic High-Energy Soil Amendment that can be mixed in with potting soils, germination media, bed preparation, farms, gardens and landscapes.

  • Dramatically improves water retention
  • Increases soil aeration    
  • Contributes to the increased growth and vitality of plants
  • Stimulates biological colonies in soils
  • Helps to release essential minerals and trace elements into the soil  
  • Buffers both high and low pH levels in soils  
  • High paramagnetic readings
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, 100% pure and natural
  • Safe for plants, humans and pets, all sentient beings
  • Endorsed by Howard Garrett aka "The Dirt Doctor"

Rapid growth + no insects!

I have used this product and it is pretty amazing. My plants were noticeably more vibrant and completely pest free. This is in my humble opinion the best amendment I have yet to come across. Try it, you will be blown way.
-Mathew B.

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No bugs or insects! All organic!

I used if for my flowers and vegetable garden, and my tomatoes and other vegetables matured faster with doubled the production from last year without it, and were much tastier. This time, never got any caterpillars or insects! That was amazing!                                         - Amazon customer


This one product has done more for the health, production and growth of my vegetable garden & fruit trees than any other product I've ever used!
It's also eliminated the earwig, pill bug, & aphid problems I had before!

Organic Garden & Landscape Consultation

Organic Vegetable Gardening & Fruit Trees

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Shawn Studer 760-707-6200

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Our Clients Say

Yvonne S.

“I highly recommend Shawn Studer’s Tree, Garden & Soil Consulting Services. The last couple of years my citrus trees, specifically my lemon tree which had been an outstanding healthy performer had become diseased and produced poor fruit. I do not use any chemicals and practice sustainable, organic gardening. I hired Shawn Studer as a Consultant. He drew up a Fruit Tree Care & Maintenance Plan with very specific guidance and direction using time honored natural approaches for bolstering the soil and my garden back to health. He spent a lot of time in my yard describing and explaining to me ways I could improve the overall health and longevity of my fruit trees and other garden plants. After implementing Shawn’s plan, I am happy to report that my garden is flourishing and that my lemon tree has bounced back splendidly and is producing abundant amazing fruit again.”

Meliss K.

We recently moved into a new home and had big hopes of converting the yard into an edible landscape. There was so much work to! Shawn came to our home, talked to us about our vision and spent time surveying the yard with us. A few days later, he sent us a very thorough garden plan that provided us with all of the information we needed to get our plans underway! He checked in with us and sent over additional resources to help us while we worked through the garden plan. Shawn is a pleasure to work with. He is passionate about the work he does and enthusiastic to share his knowledge to help people create the outdoor landscape they desire. We are excited to continue to work with Shawn in the future!

Joanna C.

"We found Shawn through a neighbor who raved about his services. We already had some fruit trees in our yard along with raised plantar beds. Shawn came over to look at our trees, some of which had not been giving us any fruit. He was able to diagnose some problems right then during the initial consultation and gave us some advice on how to improve the trees. He then wrote up a detailed plan on how to improve and take care of our trees and our raised plantar beds, with helpful links to products, how to use them, and links to helpful videos. We have kept in contact since the consultation and Shawn has been very responsive to follow up questions and also as a general cheerleader as we work to implement his plan. I'm loving how the soil looks and I can see that the health of the trees have improved already! Can't wait to see what our crops will do this year."

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Body, Mind & Soil

Over 20 yeas ago, I started getting into organic gardening because I inherently knew that using synthetic chemicals in my landscape wasn't a good idea! And through this process of studying and learning from others, I've learned the importance of healthy soil and soil biology.

It's all about the soil!

My Mission is to help others learn how to apply my organic program to save water and create a much healthier environment for ourselves, our families and our pets.

I hope you will join us on this jouney of "following Mother Nature's Path"!

Happy gardening!
Shawn Studer, PhD 

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